About Us

Located in the heart of Southern California, SCATS Gymnastics of Huntington Beach has proudly produced 14 Olympians, 70+ National Team Members, and 22 World Championship Team Members across more than 55 years(!) of serving the community. Our non-profit organization prides itself on teaching gymnastics to all levels of children, beginners and world class athletes alike.

Our Legacy

60 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE.  SCATS has a distinguished history. Since 1963, SCATS Gymnastics has been producing gymnasts of world-class caliber. Over 70 US National Team members have been developed at SCATS as well as 14 US Olympians, including 2012 & 2016 US Olympic Team Member / 5-time National Champion / 8-time NCAA Champion, Sam Mikulak.  Such notable gymnasts as Cathy Rigby, Kathy Johnson, Pam Bileck, Michelle Dusserre, Sabrina Mar, and Marie Roethlisberger are among the list of SCATS gymnasts who have won medals for Team USA, while Gigi Zosa competed for the Canadian Olympic Team under the SCATS banner.   Recent National Team members include Cameron Bock, Danny Yoon, Kanji Oyama, Adrian De Los Angeles,  Shavahn Church, London Phillips and Jason Laughton among others.

In local, State, and Regional competitions, SCATS continues to be a leader.  Most recently, our girls and boys teams won 12 Regional Champion titles out of 45 podium finishes, and 29 of 85 medals were State Championship titles, including 3 All-Around State Champions.

SCATS helps physically and mentally prepare children for success in other sports.  Gymnastics instruction develops coordination, strength, flexibility, and quickness while it promotes concentration skills and self-discipline in the young child.  Many former SCATS members have used their gymnastics training to excel in other sports such as diving, pole vaulting, football, baseball, and water polo. Olympic divers Kelly McCormick and Michelle Mitchell were both former gymnasts who transferred their skills to another sport. Former SCATS gymnast Haley Ishimatsu became the youngest diver on the US National Team, at just 13 years of age. “It was a similarity with gymnastics that got me into it (diving),” says Haley. “Just the experience of gymnastics has helped me progress.”

SCATS Facility 2

Our Facility

SCATS boasts a 28,000 square-foot facility with state-of-the-art apparatus for optimal gymnastics education. We house only the safest training equipment for all skill levels, including bungee harnesses and European-designed landing pits.

Our Mission

Our mission at SCATS Gymnastics is to improve the fitness, confidence, and self-esteem of children through a quality program of gymnastics and other related activities.

  • The program will allow all SCATS students to progress at their optimal rate, and ensure that each student progresses in the safest possible manner
  • The program will improve the fitness level of every SCATS student
  • The program will encourage the improvement of each student’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Without sacrificing quality, the cost of the program will be kept at a level that is affordable to the majority of the families in the communities that we serve. Program pricing is reduced for all families by the hour through program level progressions, and scholarships based on various financial needs are available to families in all programs. If your child qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program with their school, please inquire about scholarship opportunity!
We pride ourselves on developing not only champions in the sport, but champions in life.  We live in increasingly challenging times that are very different from what many of us experienced ourselves in childhood.  SCATS offers a healthy outlet and an enriching alternative to the myriad negative influences in our modern society, where children can grow and achieve to their greatest potential. Whether your child’s journey in gymnastics has a destination of a college scholarship or recreational fun, they are part of our legacy. Welcome to SCATS!

Skills for Sport. Lessons for Life.