Boys Ninja Gym

Boys 9 to 16 | 60 & 90 Minutes

Here’s a special tumbling class just for the guys.  Learn back handsprings, backflips, front flips, side flips, aerials and more…the safe way and the RIGHT way!  Great for martial arts, snowboarding, half-pipe/quarter-pipe skateboarding, BMX, Motocross, Parkour and other X-Games style sports requiring acute spatial awareness and agility.

(Note: program is for beginners, however some basic body mobility is needed to learn skills. Kids should be able to do a rudimentary somersault and kick up to a brief handstand…neither needs to be pretty, don’t worry!) 


$114 per month (4  60-min classes | prorated $28.50 per lesson)

$150 per month (4  90-min classes | prorated $37.50 per lesson)