Intro & Recreational Gymnastics

Within a safe and welcoming environment at SCATS Gymnastics, we offer a wide variety of educational programs perfect for introducing children of all ages to the sport of gymnastics, and ideal for intermediate level kids to participate in year-round with other gymnasts at their level. Students progress at their optimal pace and are recognized and awarded for achieving new levels and skills, while our seasonal performance shows are a great opportunity to show them off to family and friends! Our brand of introductory and recreational gymnastics is as excellent a tool for building confidence and socialization as it is building the physical skills of gymnastics. Toddler and pre-school students develop critical motor and listening skills that help them during their formative years, while school-aged students carry the benefits of their SCATS learning experience over to the classroom, playground, and other sports and after-school activities. We offer a robust and continuous program schedule for all ages, year round, which gives busy families the flexibility they need but can’t get when tied down to rigid session-based programs. Our friendly coaching staff works closely with students as young as 18 months and as old as 18 years to create an organized, effective, and fun learning curriculum that is rewarding in so many ways for students and parents alike.

Skills for Sport. Lessons for Life.