Tuition & Fees

Tuition by Program:

  • Tots (Parent-n-Me): $21.50 / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Mighty Mites: $28.50 / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Junior Academy: $28.50 / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Academy: $37.50 / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Tumbling: $28.50 / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Boys Ninja Gym: $27.50 (60 min)  or $37.50 (90 min) / lesson (billed monthly)
  • Advanced Programs & Competition Teams:  Fees will vary across our different invitational classes, however as the number of hours per week in a program increase, the cost-per-hour decreases so that our more time intensive competitive programs remain affordable to the majority of families in our community.  You may contact our front office for further information about SCATS’ renowned advanced programs and competitive teams.

Discounts & Fees:

  • Without sacrificing quality, the cost of our programs are kept at a level that is affordable to the majority of the families in the communities that we serve.  Program pricing is reduced for all families by the hour through program level progressions (the more time spent in a given program, the less the cost per hour). Scholarships based on various financial needs are available to families in all programs. If your child qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program with their school, please inquire about scholarship opportunity via
  • There is a $40 annual registration/insurance fee for each student enrolled.
  • We offer a 25% discount for siblings enrolled!  A 25% discount will also be applied to second and third classes added for the same child. Please see the Front Desk for details.
  • With the exception of some competitive programs, tuition is billed monthly according to the number of classes per month. A debit card is secured for automatic processing  on the 1st of each month at no charge. Credit cards retained for automatic processing for add’l annual fee. Manual payment before the 1st is accepted.
  • Please call (714) 895-2909 to schedule a FREE trial lesson in any of our programs, or click to submit your information and get a call back from us the next day.