Accelerated & Advanced Gymnastics

SCATS Gymnastics’ accelerated programs are awesome for the enthusiastic gymnast who has honed a variety of skills they may apply to competitive gymnastics and other activities. When gymnasts are eager to participate and achieve beyond the more recreational level, SCATS GYM (Gymnastics Youth in Motion) Team program, among other invitational programs, can be a great avenue for those both prepared and motivated. GYM Team offers the thrill of competition without the intensity, and emphasizes the value of hard work and teamwork without the greater time commitment that gymnasts and parents make at the Junior Olympic level. Other invitational programs can be a great path to pursuing gymnastics at the Junior Olympic level or offer a needed supplement to more advanced levels of cheer and various martial arts that incorporate and rely heavily upon many gymnastics skills, techniques, and attributes (flexibility, spatial awareness, and more). With a wide variety of program options and an experienced staff that focuses on safe, individualized progress at the advanced levels, gymnasts can continue to move at their own pace and toward their unique goals.

Skills for Sport. Lessons for Life.