About Us

Mission Statement: Our mission at SCATS Gymnastics is to improve the fitness, confidence, and self-esteem of children through a quality program of gymnastics and other related activities.

  • The program will allow all SCATS students to progress at their optimal rate, and ensure that each student progresses in the safest possible manner
  • The program will improve the fitness level of every SCATS student
  • The program will encourage the improvement of each student’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Without sacrificing quality, the cost of the program will be kept at a level that is affordable to the majority of the families in the communities that we serve. Program pricing is reduced for all families by the hour through program level progressions, and scholarships based on various financial needs are available to families in all programs. If your child qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program with their school, please inquire about scholarship opportunities via info@scatsgymnastics.com