Congratulations to all the SCATS Optional Team Members that did such a fantastic job this season!  

After an impressive showing at the State Championship meets, which had the SCATS girls and guys on the podium a total of 77(!) times, our Team Members turned up the volume at the highly competitive Regional Championship competitions.  Our competitors garnered a whopping 17 Regional Champion titles across the men’s and women’s events and all-around standings, which were included in a staggering total of a second batch of 55 medals across the competitions.  

The boys picked up a huge 48 finishes in the top 5, 28 of which were gold, silver and bronze medals. A big congratulations to 3 of our gentlemen who finished in the top 3 All Around standings: Jack Critz (Level 10 Regional All Around Champion), Tommy Strachan (Level 7 Regional All Around Silver Medalist), and Jared Walker (Level 7 Regional All Around Bronze Medalist.

Our Level 8/9/10 girls squads took home a total of 10 medals from Regional Champs in Vegas, while six of our ten competing finished in the top 10 of their division. This included 6th and 5th Place All Around finishes by Kayla Toniolo and Alexi Frank, respectively, a bronze All Around medal by Chloe Frank, and a Regional All Around Champion Title by Kristen Young, who racked up a massive 37.900 score against the stiffest competition in 5 states! Our Level 6 and 7 girls had no easy task before them in keeping the momentum, but they certainly did. Of 18 medals snagged at their Regional Championship meet, 5 were gold, and 4 were all around medals— Lilia McAllister went 2nd in Region 1 as a level 6, with Charlotte Tanpinco right behind her holding the bronze AA. Meanwhile, Level 7’s Madison Bedward and Brynn Bayoneta both took 3rd all around in their age brackets, after winning Regional Champ titles on beam and bars, respectively!

We’d say “we’re speechless,” but the truth is that we can’t talk enough about all their hard work!  

While the SCATS staff couldn’t be happier with these gymnasts’ truly awesome accolades so far in the 2019 season, our biggest source of pride in the boys and girls is their collective victory as upstanding young competitors.  These young athletes have put in countless hours of dedication in and out of season, and shown only the highest degree of sportsmanship, camaraderie and grace whether they stepped onto the podium or cheered on their teammates and competitors as they did so.  Our hats are off to you, SCATS Team Members!  Check out some highlights from Regional Champs in the column to the right.