We hope you all enjoyed watching the SCATS-hosted GYM Team competitions this fall season!  It has been exciting and rewarding for our staff and the participant families alike to watch our team members grow and progress in practice and truly shine in competition.  We appreciate all the SCATS coaches and other participant gyms for their hard work and extra time put into this awesome program. And we want to give an extra special “thank you” to SCATS’ GYM Team Director & Coach Lisa Taylor for taking the events and program to the next level in 2018!  

Congratulations to all the teams in all divisions at the Fall ‘18 Championship Finals and for their work all season long that paid off. Check out the killer season highlights:


The Purple Pirates - 1st Place Season Champs! (Undefeated all season long!)
The Red Warriors - 3rd Place Season Champs!

Level 3 Junior Division All Around:
1st Place - Spring Hoang 
3rd Place - Kate Dunbar
6th Place - Cirrus Boyer

Level 3 Senior Division All Around:
1st Place - Lauren Bhend
2nd Place - Jaeton Espiritu 
4th Place - Jasia Espiritu


The Pink Panthers - 3rd Place Season Champs!
The Spectacular 7 - 4th Place Season Champs!

Level 2 Junior Division All Around:
1st Place - Charlie Morgan
2nd Place - Victoria Castor
3rd Place - Sienna Hinrichs

Level 2 Senior Division All Around:
2nd Place: Sara Ligman
3rd Place: Natalie Meyer

The Teal Tumblers - 3rd Place Season Champs!
The Firecrackers - 4th Place Season Champs!

Level 1 Junior Division All Around:
3rd Place: Batalia Gonzales

 Parents, thank you for the continued support you give to your daughters and the GYM Team program. The next competition dates are; April 13th& 14th, 27th & 28th, and May 18th & 19th.

We look forward to the Spring ’19 season with your gymnasts!

If you’d like to learn more about the exciting GYM Team program here at SCATS, just ask one of our front office staff for more info and a brochure.