Thank you for bearing with us on busier parking days this summer!
Unfortunately, some less-than-defensive driving has led to occasional road rage and also scary near-misses with child and parent pedestrians in our lot. We ask that you please drive slooowly and cautiously, and do not park in front of the drop-off area unless your child is already in the front lobby. Cars back up onto McFadden and create a serious hazard on a busy street during rush hour. And please do not park in a red zone under any circumstances. This is for the safety of our students in the event an emergency vehicle needs to arrive at the back of the building.
Additional parking is available over on Product Lane. Anywhere on that street is okay and it’s only a very short walk back through the lot to SCATS. Thank you for your help, moms and dads!
It’s been years in the making, but we’ve delivered on our promise of auto-pay for your SCATS account! Please complete a debit (free) or credit ($25/year) authorization form available online or in the front office. We do require a card to be retained on file now, but you are still welcome to pay manually in advance and at your leisure anytime before the 1st of the month, which is the date we run stored cards for automated processing.
If you still need additional flexibility on payment days, some parents have paid “first and last month’s” tuition, which essentially maintains an ongoing 1-month credit on your account, allowing you to pay manually anytime during the month you were billed for. Just ask our front desk for help and we’ll get you all set up!
Thanks to all the families who have already enrolled in autopay with us. This has dramatically helped free up staff to assist our SCATS families with the important stuff, while the computers handle the rest!