What’s left for Sam Mikulak to accomplish in the sport of gymnastics? What follows a record that includes, among other honors, 2 times on the US Olympic Team, 8 times as NCAA Champion, and now 6x US National Champion (tying Makoto Sakamoto who earned his 6th AA title in 1970)? 

If you ask Sam, the answer would more than likely be: “Plenty.”

Sam has dominated men’s elite gymnastics for the last decade with an unparalleled level of  technical prowess, fearlessness, natural talent, and unyielding grit to match. Some would’ve discounted Sam as a 2016 Olympic hopeful following struggles with injuries after 2012. Many would’ve had doubts about a third Olympic stint in Tokyo next year, but now there is not a question in anyone’s mind, including Sam’s, that the 2020 Olympic Games are his destiny.  Especially after hitting all 6 events on both days of National Champs last weekend, and ending the competition 5 1/2 points above the closest all around competitor, which in gymnastics is more of a canyon than it is a margin. 

First, Sam heads to Stuttgart, Germany the first half of October to compete at World Championships, which he has done before many times, but now his third time as a qualification to the Olympic Team. 

We couldn’t be more proud of you, Sam. Congrats. The best is still to come!