What an fantastic few weeks for SCATS Boys & Girls Teams! has claimed 16 2019 “State Champion” titles, plus 77 medals / podium finishes so far across multiple levels, age divisions and events. This includes the 1st Place Team banner by Level 7 Boys, 2nd Place by our Level 8 and 9 squads, and two 3rd Place Team Titles by Levels 6 and 10. Last but certainly not least, SCATS as a club took 2nd Place in the “Club of the Year” standings for men’s gymnastics!
All that, and we still have our Compulsory Girls competitive season to look forward to this fall. Of those who competed in their respective State Championship divisions thus far, a whopping 51 qualified for Regionals, 12 as Region 1 State Team / All-Star Team Members!
While they continue to train hard, we’d like to congratulate all members of the SCATS Teams as well as Coaches Grigor, Shannon, Albert, Ashley, Mitch, Jordan and Joel on their hard work and dedication paying off.