Congratulations to our SCATS Girls Teams, Levels 6 through 10, for an awesome job at the “Classic Rock Invitational” in Phoenix Arizona this past weekend!  Despite some very stiff competition from other clubs all over the West Coast, our girls stood on the podium a total of 48 times across the weekend!  This includes FIVE 1st place all around winners, five silver and bronze medals in the all around, SEVENTEEN gold medals across the four women’s events, and the 1st Place Team Trophy (an electric guitar at that) for our Level 7 girls. 

Meanwhile, our SCATS Boys Teams traveled out to Houston this month for the prestigious Houston National Invitational, which is one of the largest meets in the country each year, inviting the most dominant clubs in boys gymnastics.  

Our guys took home 17 medals across the long weekend, including gold and bronze medals in the all around by Tommy Strachan and Christian Sanchez, respectively.  

Keep it up and good luck the rest of competition season!