Congratulations to SCATS’ own Level 7 competitors, Jared and Ami, who both qualified for the Future Stars National Training Camp! 

The two teammates head out to the world famous US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, home to several SCATS alumni competing in elite men’s gymnastics following their successful NCAA careers. 

The boys will spend 5 full days at the prestigious training camp, July 11th through 15th. The opportunity comes having not only qualified to the Future Stars National Team in November, but having been the elite group within the Future Stars National Team to have qualified for the training camp as well. 

Future Stars is an athlete development and education program created and sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. It consists of six age groups for each year of ages 8 through 13, wherein the boys perform selected skills and compulsory routines on the six men’s events plus trampoline, strength and flexibility evaluations. The 8-9 year old division participates up to the Regional level while the 10, 11, 12 and 13 year old divisions can qualify to the National level, which our rock stars here have not only done, but ascended to the pinnacle of the program during this 2018-19 season. 

AWESOME job, gentlemen. Way to represent SCATS!